Extending beyond the standard brand design process, we're offering small business owners and creatives an in-depth, expert-led experience. From the initial aesthetic visualization to your brand photoshoot to your finished, custom website, this specialized offer provides brand guidance every step of the way.

How it works: Each quarter, we release three aesthetics (lovingly referred to as passion projects) with well-thought-out creative directions. If one feels like your business's perfect match, complete the application for consideration and we'll be in touch! 

our passion projects!

creative direction

We're not just redefining brand development – we're revolutionizing it.

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Complete the application if you believe your business might be a match for one of our passion project edits.

We'll review it and schedule a call to share our vision and learn all about your needs. 

We'll mutually decide if we're a fit, and, if so, our team will send you a detailed proposal with next steps.

you'll agree to trust us the creative process and lean into our design magic!

how it works

You struggle to implement your brand fonts, colors, and design elements on social media.


You lack the time or know how when it comes to planning a brand photoshoot.


You recognize the long-term success of your brand requires  more than just a logo.


You yearn for your clients to have an immersive experience - something different and unique.


You want to work with a design expert and fully trust the creative process.


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energetic lively fresh

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serene artful natural


maximal disruptive

passion projects

already booked!

already booked!

the edit / 01

This aesthetic is meant to invigorate and excite audiences for your unique offer with a vibrant, innovative design. We envision the brand leaning more contemporary overall with a slight nod to some of the vibrant colors the early 2000s. It will be strong, yet approachable, with a bright and breathable website intended to inspire.

passion project 01.
energetic / lively / fresh

the vision

color and style

We will utilize vibrant pops of color, negative space, bold typographic design, and aspirational-style studio photography.

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ideal industries

While each application is seriously considered, this aesthetic was initially created with the health, fitness, wellness, and nutrition industries in mind.

a brand that feels like freshly squeezed lemon mixed with motivation.

Quotable copy

White Pine Designs

The Lovely Garland

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take a peek at how these past passion projects came together

quotable copy


the inspiration

This aesthetic was inspired by the newspapers, advertisements, and magazines of peak 1980s-1990s New York. Think heavy, straight-forward typography, unexpected pops of neon, high-contrast imagery, and primary colorways. A styled brand shoot featuring editorial nods and a hint of "grunge" was a must!

We envisioned a brand that would lean heavily into the use of white space and neutral backgrounds, offset by strong pops of blues, yellows and reds to fully capture audience attention. 

The result

This aesthetic fully met its brand soulmate in Sarah Klongerbo and her copywriting agency, Quotable Copy. Sarah went all in on her brand photoshoot, allowing her website to fully come to life with old school editorial layouts and bold typography, perfectly bringing this passion project from inspiration to final product. 

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white pine designs

transparent / fresh / lively / dreamy / ethereal / valuable

the inspiration

This aesthetic is inspired by breathability and movement. We imagined modern serif typography paired with neutral textures, shadow play, and high-contrast pops of dark grey and sky blue. We also aspired for this project to be paired with a strategic brand photoshoot showcasing minimal details and ample negative space.

We intended leaning heavily into neutrals for the brand base, with color used sparingly in delicate detail. Minimalist design style was key for the brand's overall layout and structure.

The result

Kirsten of White Pine Designs was one of the first people to jump on our Passion Project offering and completely trust our vision every step of the way. A brand inspired by her favorite flower, her love of art museums, and her Colorado home, White Pine is the perfect example of how a mood board sets the tone of a design, but intentional storytelling details brings it to life.

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the lovely garland

feminine / joyful / timeless / soft / warm / luxury

the inspiration

Envisioning organic flower fields, modern love stories, and artistic feminine details, we believed this romantic aesthetic would best operate in the wedding, skincare, or floral industries, or with a business targeting a primarily female audience. 

Using the natural colors and dyes of flowers as the base for our inspiration, wecurated a palette of muted pinks, greens, and reds. Our typography inspiration stemmed from fonts with sharper (thorn-like) edges offset by romantic swoops, minimalist framing, and layered textural elements. 


From the very start, Erica of The Lovely Garland trusted us wholeheartedly to deliver on our creative vision, saying "yes" to anything we asked of her.  Muted pinks, romantic purples, and hints of green set the tone for her luxury balloon brand as one that's both luxurious yet soft. We adore the added depth from her custom textures and delicate line art details.

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frequently asked questions

What does creative direction entail?

Creative direction involves any decision related to aesthetics. For us, this looks like designing your brand and website, guiding your brand photography direction, mapping out your social media visuals, and curating any other supporting collateral you need. Creative direction services ensure a cohesive and compelling representation of your brand across the board, helping your business reach its full visual potential. 

How is this different from your standard projects?

How many times can each aesthetic be booked?

do you offer payment plans?

Yes, absolutely! We are flexible with payments plans and most of our clients opt for either a 6 or 8 month payment plan structure. Due to the nature of our booking process, we do require an initial deposit to hold your spot on our calendar.

What is the timeline?

Once your start date rolls around, this fully custom project takes about 9-11 weeks. Because the initial creative direction is already established, the brand development process is expedited. 

How do revisions work?

What if I'm nervous about handing off creative control?

We completely understand this fear! However, we also know there's something to be said for fully trusting an expert. One of our primary goals surrounding passion projects is to alleviate any of the stress that comes from making decisions you're unequipped to make. Think of it like getting on an airplane. You fully trust the pilot to deliver on his or her promise in reaching your destination and would never hop into the cockpit to take over flying. We're the pilots in this scenario, and we promise to make artistic decisions that serve you and your business best. Plus, the end results NEVER disappoint!

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