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Cember is a boutique design studio creating adaptable, artistic brands with the effortless allure needed to kindle lasting impressions.


It’s a moment we all hope to feel as business owners. It just never had a name — until now.

“Cember” is the snapshot in time when your passion and your purpose meet with undisputed clarity to guide what’s next. The magical moment where you finally know, “This. Is. It.” You’re doing exactly what you were meant to do.

I had my own moment — un meilleur moment, if you will — in December of 2020 when my first baby was born. Before this particular point in time, I had reached “success” in business, for all intents and purposes, but it was at that moment I knew I was entering a new era. I realized that my business could extend beyond me and fan the flame of other people’s passions in a way it never had before. It was meant for more.

This new era and purpose was brought together by the name Cember — time-stamping that moment one December when I knew we could do more for our clients. We could offer them an unforeseen level of service with exceptional design to set the new visual standard for small businesses.

At Cember Studio™, we’re experts in bringing those unspeakable moments to visual life for your brand. We know you’re destined to create magic this world has never seen before, and we’re delighted to help you bring it to life.

cember: a name ignited by a moment

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merci beaucoup. we're blushing

merci beaucoup. we're blushing


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I’ve had an appreciation for design and its ability to speak to our subconscious for as long as I can remember. After climbing the corporate ladder for a national retailer, I found myself seeking a new, creative challenge and a change of pace. Enter: Cember. In 2018 I opened the doors to serve creative business owners and lifestyle brands with artistically-inclined, strategy-backed brand designs, and I’ve never looked back. Combining my marketing-driven background with my love for all things visual, I’ve found my signature sweet spot.

I’m often influenced and inspired by travel and textures - the nostalgic feeling of a velvet sofa, the intoxicating smell of an English garden, the imperfect ridges of a cobblestone street. It’s these everyday details that form an experience - which is exactly what we deliver.

Meet Mollie

It’s always felt natural to me to make everything I touch beautiful in some way, whether it’s styling a space, wrapping a gift, or curating my closet. When I joined the Cember team in 2019, I finally found a place where I could bring my background in marketing + entrepreneurship together with my creative side, marrying the aesthetically pleasing with the strategic + functional. 

Today, one of my favorite parts of my job is taking all the assets we create for our clients during the initial brand development process and using them as puzzle pieces to build out an entire website "ecosystem" that feels immersive and one of a kind.

Meet Kelsea

enneagram 1           lipstick-aholic  dreamer & doer       resident swiftie  boy mama              typography nerd

enneagram 2             travel junkie  photographer                 bookworm  compulsive googler          wine girl

I have loved creating for most of my life so when it came time for me to decide what I wanted to study in college, getting a fine arts degree in graphic design felt like a no-brainer. I spent some time in the publication design world where I refined my technical skills in a professional environment.

In 2022, I traded the faster pace of working for a magazine for freelancing. My love of design and desire to create has only grown since, and I am so excited to see how my skills continue to evolve as I work with the inspiring and talented team at Cember.

Meet  Abby Stewart

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